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Are you looking for a freelance web designer to create your website? Stop looking around, you're in the right place ! With Benjamin François, you benefit from personalized support for the creation of your website on Wix.

As a professional and passionate designer, I listen to your needs to design a website in your image. I offer you a modern and intuitive design, perfectly adapted to your activity and your target audience.

But I don't just create a website for you. I also train you in the management of your own website, so that you can be autonomous and update your site with ease. You will learn how to add content, modify texts and images, set up advanced features, etc.

With me, you benefit from complete and tailor-made support, from the design of your website to its launch. I am by your side at every step to advise you and answer all your questions.

So don't wait any longer, contact me now to create your website on Wix and benefit from quality support!

1 - Needs analysis


The first step is to establish specifications in collaboration with the client. This step makes it possible to define the objectives, functionalities and content of the website according to the needs and expectations of the client. It is also important to look at the raison d'être of the company, using Simon Sinek's "start with the why" method.

3 - Graphic design


Once the architecture of the site has been defined, I will develop the graphic design of the site. This step allows you to create a visual identity for the website based on colors, typography, images, icons, etc.

5 - Training


When the website is ready, I accompany the client in the handling of his website by offering him personalized training. This training allows the customer to manage his website independently by adding content, modifying texts or images, implementing advanced features, etc.

2 - Site architecture


From the specifications, I develop the architecture of the website, that is to say the structure of the site, the different pages, the menus, etc. This step allows you to define how the content will be organized and prioritized on the site.

4 - Development


From the graphic design, I will integrate the different elements of the website (content, features, etc.) and set up the different features. This step can be done with a CMS such as Wix, which allows the customer to take charge of their website.

6 - Monitoring & maintenance


Once the website is online, the designer can provide monitoring and maintenance to keep the website efficient and secure. This step ensures the sustainability of the website and guarantees a quality user experience for visitors to the site.

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