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CAE pulses(Business cooperative)

Logo - Graphic identity and concept

Impuls'Ions is a cooperative of entrepreneurs who work within the same group but with their respective activities.

As for the graphic identity, the request was to be able to offer a unifying, modern and timeless logo that represents the values of the company andincites  potential self-entrepreneurs to join the movement.

The search for the logo was the first step before an overhaul of the website and the visual identity according to the new criteria. 

The research is based on the theme of mutual aid, the sharing of knowledge and skills and the support of entrepreneurs on a daily basis and according to needs.

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The validation process is all the more interesting within this cooperative, because it allows everyone to be able to give their opinion. A group of entrepreneurs called "Le Labo" decided to invest more particularly in thedevelopment  from their cooperative and then back down the information.

This collective work is the basis of the operation of the business cooperative and it is also why I decidedpersonally  to join this group for my activity.

Working in this way is extremely rewarding and allows several people with different skills to work together towards a common goal.

To learn more about the CAE concept; I recommend the excellent article by Isabelle Camus, the "serial-blogger"here >>>

And for the cooperative's website; It ishere >>>

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