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Logo & Graphic charter and much more...

What an adventure...

It has now been several months since I had the chance to be contacted by Anthony Prezmann; founder; Japanese learning site; in order to work on its logo and its graphic communication.

What an honor... especially since Anthony is not a beginnerenvironment from Japanese. Indeed, manga translator, Japanese teacher for ... a long time ... involved in the Japanese manga sphere and always passionate about this culture; Anthony has decided to take the plunge bythrowing  its own website with a unique and original concept which is to offer online exams for beginners to validate their level of Japanese.

Indeed, this type of exams called JLPT are organized by levels from N5 to N1; N1 being the strongest level used forprofessionals

Anthony's idea is to offer easier levels (N6, N7 and N8) in order to allow complete beginners in learning the Japanese language to validate their progress and thus increase their motivation in their learning.

Seduced by the concept of support for beginners, I agree to help Anthony in the creation of his visual identity.

But this will only be the beginning of a long partnership that continues today with ever more interesting projects... but I will tell you a little more about it later in this presentation.

jlpt 24 fps.gif

JLPT easy is above all a Japanese learning platform for beginners. But it is also a partner of many movements linked to Japanese culture.

Through the creation of the logo, we also made the website, we developed the concept of what JLPT Easy could be and had the chance to focus on a mini animated series allowing a quick and fun learning of Japanese. with  la supports exclusive and the voice ofBrigitte Lecordierin person (official Son goku stunt double, Oui-Oui...)

Here is the teaser of the series which will be used to participate in acrowdfunding campaign on Ulule.

To know more aboutFahar West, Takakana's cartoonist, you can go seehis websitehere.

We will find plenty of communication media related to JLPT Easy such as posters, posters, banners, versions of Takakana characters, facebook posts, instagram... A whole universe is therefore created around this flower and the project.

One of my favorite realization will be the launch poster of the first N7 test on the website in two versions.

affiche  JLPT n7 Octobre V1-1.png

Modern and dynamic version retained for the communication campaign and which will remain thereafter on other communications.

affiche JLPT n7 Octobre v2-1.png

More classic version in the spirit of Japanese posters of the 70s with a touch of modernity behind. My favorite personally but less dynamic.

And lately, other posters have been created for Japan Expo 2022 with the presence of Brigitte who will be our representative for the project.

Affiche japan expo V6-1.png
Affiche japan expo V6-2.png

Find all the information about JLPT easy on the websitehere

And now here are some illustrations related to all the work accomplished with JLPTeasy:

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