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The Gaya Workshop -Craftsman Cutler

Logo and graphic identity

Undoubtedly one of my favorite logos that took me quite a few hours of work but whose result is up to my expectations .

Xavier Bouin is an artisan-cutler in Allier. His passion is to offer unique and personalized knives. Precision and love of work well are two pillars of Atelier Gaya's success.

L'atelier gaya estampe world of jamin

The initial idea was precisely to work on a logo to be engraved on the knives and Xavier came up with the "Quadrature du Cercle":

"The circular figure added to the square figure is spontaneously interpreted by the human psyche as the dynamic image of a dialectic between the transcendent celestial to which man naturally aspires, and the terrestrial where he is currently located, where he apprehends himself. as the subject of a passage to be carried out now thanks to the competition of signs "

The graphic and communication identity will therefore be based on the use of the 4 elements and the squaring of the circle.

Thus, Xavier will be able to create series of knives according to the themes of the 4 elements in order to be able to differentiate his products according to their uses.

Several variations of logos are also possible as well as business cards that take up thesilhouette  of his signature knife.

His site is still under construction so don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info about him.>>>

atelier gaya logo transparent world of j
atelier de gaya logo simple world of jam
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atelier gaya carte de visite world of ja
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